The importance of secure and trustworthy communications

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With so many businesses working from home, data security has never been as important than it is now.

Join us for this series of 15-minute episodes as we look at how to use technology to keep our most valuable resource—information—safe, both today and in the future.

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Episode 6: Cybersecurity in the COVID Era

Your Host
Steve Multer
Michael Machado
AVP Cyber Security & Compliance, RingCentral

Michael Machado is responsible for information security and communications fraud management at RingCentral, the market leader in unified communications as a service with over 300,000 business customers. Michael and his team are instrumental in leading a strong cyber security program for RingCentral, enabling the company and its products to have strong cyber security while also setting and achieving strong goals and an ambitious vision for his team.


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RingCentral Talks:

June 4 • Episode 1

How to Run a Secure Meeting: Before, During and After   


How to Run a Secure Meeting: Before, During and After:

  • Settings, moderator controls, and more for when you’re scheduling, hosting, or attending
  • For IT Admins:
    • Allow hosts to put attendees on hold
    • Verified users (signed in users only)
  • For Meeting Hosts:
    • Meeting passwords
    • Join before host
    • Waiting rooms
    • Lock Meeting
    • Visual and audio indicators
    • Screen sharing control
    • Remove attendee from a meeting
    • Controlling whether removed attendees can rejoin meeting

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June 11 • Episode 2

Trustworthy Communications: What it is and Why it Matters   

Get familiar with the term “trustworthy communications” and find out what it has to do with keeping your information secure.

In this RingCentral Talk, we’ll:

  • Break down the idea of trustworthy communications
  • Discover why data security matters to you and your company
  • Connect the dots between trustworthy communications and privacy
  • Explore the impact of data breaches at individual, company, and societal levels
  • Dig into security by design, compliance programs, and other foundational elements of the ring of trust (and why they’re important)
  • Find out how RingCentral is taking trustworthy communications to the next level

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June 18 • Episode 3

Inside the Ring of Trust   

Learn how to think through your company’s specific needs and privacy requirements in order to build a trustworthy communications strategy that will help you mitigate risk—right now and down the line.

We'll dig into:

  • Evaluating your current communications—how much can (and should) you trust the solutions you have now?
  • Why the pillars of trusted communications matter, and how thinking through them will help you map out an effective strategy.
  • The categories of communications: what they are and which ones you need to focus on.

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June 25 • Episode 4

Understanding the Difference: Privacy vs. Security   

Privacy and security are related, but they’re not one and the same. Join us to find out how they’re different, and how you can make more informed choices about data protection.

In this Talk Online, we’ll cover:

  • The definitions of security and privacy, and why they matter
  • What to push for with regard to privacy, whether you’re a vendor or a customer
  • How guarding privacy in a transparent way influences public perception of your company

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July 9 • Episode 5

Building Trusted Clouds   

Find out what it takes to build a secure cloud that guards against theft and threats to your operations in this episode of Security Talk Online.

We’ll take a look at:

  • Secure software development for both the infrastructure and endpoints
  • Considerations on the customer side of cloud security
  • Utilizing attack flows to create a layered defense

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July 16 • Episode 6

Cybersecurity in the Covid Era   

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives in many ways, and the security of our data is no exception. The rapid shift to work from home prompted companies to adopt different technologies, while reducing visibility into what’s happening at the end point. Join us for a look at this health crisis’ effect on the infrastructures that support businesses, and learn how to keep your company’s information safe.

We’ll dig into:

  • Centralized and decentralized strategies, and how to determine which is right for your company
  • Building defensive layers based on your chosen strategy
  • Special safety considerations for your highest priority assets

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