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Reimagining your business has become table stakes in this new normal, but where do you start?

Get the roadmap you need to succeed with tips and tools from the frontlines of small businesses. Join us at the Summit Online for practical takeaways, and inspiring stories.


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Guest Speaker
Ramon Ray
Founder,; Best-selling author

Ramon Ray is an entrepreneur, author and speaker who loves burnt pancakes and bacon on the weekends.

He's the founder of Smart Hustle Media, has started four companies and sold two. Ramon has authored four books and his latest book is "Celebrity CEO - How Entrepreneurs Can Thrive By Building a Strong Personal Brand"

Ramon has been invited as an expert witness to the United States Congress, invited to speak at the White House on personal branding. He's interviewed President Obama in the President's first live video chat and was with Ivanka Trump at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in India.

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Ramon has shared the stage with Seth Godin, Daymond John, Guy Kawasaki, Simon Sinek, Gary Vaynerchuk. He's interviewed many of the sharks and contestants on Shark Tank and other celebrity entrepreneurs.

His passion is telling the story, the challenges and success, of "main street" small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Over his extensive career, Ramon has written thousands of articles, spoken to thousands of business owners and impacted hundreds of thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs to help their businesses thrive.

Guest Speaker
David Corfield
Co-founder, LifeWork

David is the co-founder of the Small Business School Challenge, a virtual intensive workshop challenging the best MBAs in the country to provide as much strategic help as possible to local small businesses within 48 hours. He developed and established the inaugural competition within two months to help 150 SMBs survive the crisis, with the support of RingCentral. He is also the co-founder of LifeWork, a platform that helps the self-employed get paid faster and more securely. Safe to say he is passionate about supporting individual entrepreneurship, and before the lockdown could be found at the gym, yoga studio, or hosting friends.

RingCentral Speaker
Robert Murphy
Content Marketing Director, RingCentral

Robert Murphy is a Content Marketing Director at RingCentral, where he has been for the last six years. Prior to RingCentral, Robert’s career was focused on building marketing programs for small businesses with big opportunities and limited resources.

As a writer and podcaster, Robert is always on the lookout for a story.


Topic: Tips & Tools From the Frontlines

Join us as we dig into:

  • “Smiles First. Sales Second. Marketing in a Chaotic Market." Get the secrets to selling in an empathetic, caring way, and look at important lessons learned over the past two months.
  • Inspiring examples of companies that are figuring out how to evolve and adapt, including real-world stories from the more than 400 MBAs and 175 businesses that took part in the Small Business School Challenge