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Times are changing. Fast. And for many small and medium-sized businesses, it’s not enough anymore to just react quickly.

Join us in this miniseries as we rethink the way businesses operate today and offer solutions for how to thrive in the future.

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Episode 6: The “Work From Home” Mental Survival Guide

Your Host
Steve Multer
Michael Peachy
VP, User Experience, RingCentral

Michael is currently VicePresident of User Experience for RingCentral in Belmont, CA, where he leads a global team responsible for the design of their complete line of Messaging, Video and Voice collaboration tools.


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RingCentral Talks:

June 3 • Episode 1

Reopening to a New World  

With our “normal” changing fast, we have to be able to anticipate, and make moves proactively.

During this RingCentral Talk, we’ll:

  • Discuss the impact of consumers tightening their belts
  • Explore how to navigate the new season of “less” for small businesses based on consumer sentiment and insights from our industry.
  • Inspire you with what to do next for your business

June 10 • Episode 2

Making "Work from Home" Work Long-Term   

Learn how to make “work from home” work long-term for your business.

We’ll go through:

  • What back-to-work might look like region by region
  • The long-term benefits—and potential drawbacks—to working from home
  • What the future may hold:
    • Will mobility be a must?
    • Will video meetings be the new norm?
    • How can we make our workforce more flexible?
    • Tips for consolidating vendors where you can

June 17 • Episode 3

Adopting Ideas from other Small Businesses to Pivot Yours  

Small business owners in vastly different industries are facing the same challenge—figuring out how to pivot, adapt, and meet today’s unique demands.

Join us as we:

  • Look at what we can learn from businesses in the food service, retail, and fitness industries
  • Explore ways to diversify your offerings and product lines
  • Dive into distribution channels (and how to add them)
  • Learn to renegotiate anything—and everything—in order to cut costs
  • Find answers to your most pressing business questions

June 24 • Episode 4

Effective Teamwork: What it Looks Like and How to Make it Happen  

Teamwork looks a little different today, but it’s still what makes the dream work. In this episode of Talk Online, you’ll learn how to help your team adapt to working remotely—and make collaborating from afar feel like a dream come true.

Find out how to work together, better and accomplish goals as a team in this Talk Online.

Join us for a look at:

  • Connecting with your team by translating your in-person relationship building tactics to virtual work environments
  • Making time for fun in order to help your team decompress, fight fatigue, and cope with feelings of monotony
  • Using technology to create trust and show respect

July 8 • Episode 5

Maximize Your Cloud Investment with an Open Platform   

Open-source, integrated communications platforms come with big benefits (and massive ROI). But many of today’s small business owners are reluctant to upgrade from their outdated, one-size-fits-all solutions because switching seems complicated and costly. In this episode of Talk Online, we’ll dive into this pervasive problem—and why having the right technology matters.

Join us as we:

  • Explore the many ways that integrated solutions can impact your business, from saving time to improving customer satisfaction
  • Explain your right to total software application accessibility, and what you should expect from your technology partner
  • Look at how you can simplify your workflows (and your life) by bringing everything your business needs together

July 15 • Episode 6

The "Work From Home" Mental Health Survival Guide   

“Work from home” isn’t a new idea, but it’s become the new normal for many companies. For some, the switch to remote work comes with added stress, feelings of isolation, longer hours, and a decline in productivity. Join us for a look at these threats to mental health, and find out how you can help your team overcome them.

We’ll take a look at:

  • Processes, tools, and ways to connect that make getting work done easier
  • Strategies for helping employees manage stress
  • Tactics for building a team with a forward-thinking mindset
  • Approaches for creating an environment of participation, not observation